S300 with 4 ohm speakers

How would the Stellar S300 perform with a speaker like this?

Sensitivity|86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance|4 Ohm

The S300 would be a perfect fit. The Stellar amps tend to work quite nicely with Maggies :grin:

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I know Steve Guttenberg reviewed this amp with Maggies and he thought they were a good match.

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I had Maggies 1.6’s and if it were me I would try to get a set of the Stellar M700 monos instead of the S300 if you can swing it. Magnepan needs lots of power. That being said the amp I was using was about the same as the S300 (Wyred 4 Sound ST 500) and was fine. I only suggest the M700’s because they have more muscle as well as better sound quality.

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I’m using the M700 team with 6-ohm speakers. Sounds great!

I had the same dilemma. But buying the “Stack” saves you $700 off the price of the SGCD both on PS Audio’s website & where the deal originated (and where I bought them) at HiDef Lifestyle up in Harrisburg, PA.

No regrets and it integrated beautifully into my home theater. You can build a system that does both in one room if it’s planned carefully (I’m an apartment dweller).