I am attempting to use an Oppo105 as a transport via coax to my DirectStream. This works well except for SACD, a format the Oppo’s internal DAC handles well but which for some reason produce nothing through the DS. I have the Oppo output set to “bitstream” and have tried all the other Oppo output menu possibilities. Am I missing a setting?

thanks in advance.

Phlzfan, no stock CD/SACD player or transport will output a digital signal from an SACD to the DirectStream. Part of Sony’s licensing agreement with manufacturers is you cannot do this. There are only three options that I am aware of; one is to modify an Oppo 93 or 103 player with the Vanity board, second is to rip the SACD using a modified Sony PS3, or third rip using a professional recording/editing console. it is not possible to modify the 105. There is some discussion on the Vanity board on this forum, try searching for it. There is also a whole lot of discussion on the PS3 on Computer Audiophile.

Thanks. Not an electronic issue but one related to money. No surprise there.

Certainly not for Sony. You would think with the availability of DSD downloads they would change their policy, but Hell hasn’t frozen over yet!