Safe To Wire 2 Amps to 1 Pair of Speakers?

Is it safe to wire 2 different amplifiers to 1 pair of speakers using the same binding post? I have a pair of KEF Reference floorstanding speakers with single binding posts. I connect them to a Mcintosh amplifier with banana plugs for music. I also have an Onkyo surround receiver that I use for movies and TV. Today I tried wiring the Onkyo into the binding post with bare wire while the banana connected the Mcintosh simultaneously. It worked; I got sound from both amplifiers with no problems. Is what I’m doing safe or eventually am I going to ruin my speakers or one of the amps somehow? I do not run both amps at the same time. The reason why I’m doing this is because I don’t have space in my room for a second pair of towers speakers for the Onkyo. And the bookshelf speakers I’m currently using for movies and tv sound bad. So I thought why not try wiring both amps to my KEFs. I’m pleased with the results but I’m very worried. Is my equipment safe doing this?

No. Don’t do it.
The experts will explain why. Just don’t.

Pair of rca cables to run from the onkyo pre- out to the McIntosh. Hook a tiny pair of Definitive Technology satellites to the onkyo and place them on top of the KEF. Anything but the double amp into them. Electric hazard.

Absolutely do not. Get some sort of switch box and make sure the connections in the switch - break before they make.

As others have said, it’s a bad idea to hook up 2 amps to the same pair of speakers. Even if you turn off the amp you’re not using, the extra run of cables alters the impedance and can affect performance.

Plus, the odds of something going sideways and harming your amps or your speakers goes way up.

A switch box would work, or a preamp that offers a home theater bypass would be a good option.

Alternatively, you could always look into upgrading the bookshelf speakers that you’re currently using with your Onkyo if they leave something to be desired. The offerings from Elac or Monitor would do well for you without breaking the bank.

I was originally going to use a 4 pole double throw on-off-on switch to swap one set of speakers with two sources but it was easier to just buy a small set of speakers for the HT fronts and use my stereo speakers for the 2 channel stuff. I use a set of monitor bronze for HT fronts and they serve the purpose very well.

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