Sbooster linear power supplly group buy possibility

Hi Everybody,

Is anyone in need or have interest in upgrading linear power supplies to an Sbooster Mk2? I am in contact with Ciamara and the potential of a group buy came up due to minimal order requirements with Sbooster.

This would include both the power supplies and Ultra add ons.

A key Ultra i’m looking at is the Ultra 7.5V special for the Ultrarendu. For ultrarendu users the 9V ultra isn’t compatible due to insufficient amp output.

If anyone is interested please PM me.

@cxp - I just bought (3) SBOOSTER MKII LPS w/ MKII Ultra… timing is everything… :frowning:

12V - wireless router
18V - Roon Nucleus+
05V - AQVOX SE GB ENET switch


  1. MKI ultra used w/ MKII LPS; not compatible, make sure Ultra for SBOOSTER MKII is Ultra MKII
  2. Roon Nucleus+ is supported by SBOOSTER MKII; however, Ultra MKII (-800mA) does not support Nucleus+. If you decide to test this you will see the Nucleus+ blue blinking light instead of solid blue light and the Nucleus+ will not operate. Then you will call SBOOSTER and they will tell you that you can’t use the Ultra active filter on the Nucleus+.

A note of caution:

A no longer active member put together a “group buy” in the past which went south. It turned out he wanted to be a dealer for the product and used this forum to assemble his required minimum buy-in purchase. To add to the dynamic, another no longer active senior member was involved behind the scenes, creating an additional conflict of interest. The publicly viewable thread created ultimately angered the manufacturer, distributor, other dealers, etc.

Please be absolutely certain Ciamara is fine with a publicly advertised group buy, and that no one has any interest or motive other than obtaining a product for their personal use. True group buys with the manufacturer’s/dealer’s blessing are completely fine.

Please understand I assume you have the best of intentions and are generously offering an opportunity to fellow enthusiasts. Past experience has unfortunately made me a bit overprotective of this forum and its members.


I have figured out an alternative solution that is simpler. I was able to order the Mk2 Sbooster 9V and the 7.5v Ultra through HiFi heaven.

I will post my impressions of the upgrade for any Ultrarendu users out there.

@cxp - Greg is great to work with there. My 2nd & 3rd SBOOSTER are arriving this week. They are great!

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+1 for HiFi Heaven. Many purchases. All pleasant experiences with great pricing.


I’m curious if the upcoming Ultra Pro for Sbooster will be compatible with your Roon server.

@cxp - I don’t understand the question? I have never heard of an “Ultra Pro”. I have heard of an Ultra MKII. I have 2 Ultra MKIIs coming.

There is an ultra pro coming out soon. $175 to $200.

There was a video with them talking about it on the Sbooster website.

@cxp - thanks, I figured they would succeed in reducing the Ultra drain. That would open their sales market if they did that. The video is in German; however, saw the 16v Ultra and it seemed the same package. I will ask Greg to get some info from SBOOSTER. I just sent him email to follow up. We’ll see… thanks…

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They had it working with a mytek Brooklyn which is on the No list for the regular ultra so it may work for you.

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@cxp - In the you tube video (English text), it looks like SBOOSTER rep was talking about launching the Ultra Pro in September, 2018; however, SBOOSTER is notorious for late product launch to market. Having said that, I try to take a longer view of my 2 channel system. Since September I have modified my system quite a bit and I’m in no hurry to finish the job. As with you, I will continue to modify the system, always looking for better sound. My streaming SQ is very close to my PSA DS DMP. My assumption when I built this system in May, 2018 was that the streaming will never be close to as good as the PSA DS DMP. I now have the SACD ripping process perfected using my OPPO Blue Ray connected to my laptop through my wireless router over my home network. These dsf files sound amazing; loaded in my Nucleus+ library (1TB SSD “Samsung 860 Pro”). The PSA DS DMP sounds better; however, I can’t apply the Nucleus+ DSP to the PSA DS DMP output. My next step is employing convolution filtering; the reason why I went Nucleus+ instead of Nucleus. I’m already planning to go with (2) BHK300 mono block amps with the BHK Preamp in between the PSA DS DAC and BHK300 mono block amps. The next step after that will be adding the Pink Faun streamer to replace the Roon Nucleus+. I will always be tweaking my system, same as you…