Sbooster & Roon Nucleus+

I just took the plunge and going Roon using a Roon Nucleus+. I am debating placing the Roon Nucleus+ in the Great Room or adding it to my equipment rack in the music room. I would prefer keeping it in the Great Room; however, I have a P20 that “may” benefit the Roon Nucleus+ so I figured the music room would be the place to land this new peice of audio equipment. I then started to consider going to a linear power supply to keep the already very quite Roon Nucleus+, quieter. So I happened upon the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 18-19V MKII Linear Power Supply Upgrade (Black) and that looked very promising. I then started to digest the Sbooster specifications and benefits reading all the literature available and FAQs. I came across this FAQ relative to a power conditioner input for the Sbooster.

We all know the P20 is not your typical power conditioner. Is there a negative effect on music reproduction connecting the Sbooster to the P20. My assumption is “hell no”; however, I wanted the experts to weigh in on this FAQ on the Sbooster website. So, is there anyone using a Roon Nucleus+ w/ Sbooster connected to the P20, or P10 and or a PSA expert who can address this claim from Sbooster?

Technically there is certainly no reason not to connect it and every good reason TO connect it to the P20.

Paul - Thanks, thought the same thing, just wanted to make sure before I purchased the Sbooster for the Roon Nucleus+.

I have combined the P12 with SBooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII 9V-10V and SoTM sMS-200 ultra with very good results :wink:

Btw i’m no expert in any way form or shape, just my 2cents

Love the P12

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Paul - I decided to take advantage of the P20 and place the Roon Nucleus+ on the top of my component rack. I just received my Sbooster 18V-19V MKII LPS and it fits nicely next to the Nucleus+. Powered from the PSA P20 through the Sbooster MKII to the Nucleus+ will be very clean. I’m going to use the 18.0V setting. After digesting the maximum output wattage spec, the 18.0V setting - max wattage = 40.5watts; 19.0V setting - max wattage = 35.15watts. Roon blog indicated NUC715 consuming 29.5watts (linear interpolation) based on 19.0V & 15.0V current measurements. Therefore, I will need as much head room as I can get using the Nucleus+ versus the NUC715 (Nucleus). In addition, I will be using convolution filtering (DSP); therefore, the wattage will definitely exceed the 30watt mark. Based on the Sbooster maximum (conservative) specification, 36.4% more head room using Nucleus+ working DSP. The iPad (2017) will be arriving tomorrow. The one downside to this reconfiguration of streaming (Roon) is having to loose my iPad III. Roon can’t run w/ iPad III; reason I did not use Roon in the first place. However, after using Mconnect for months; not a fan of that platform. I am not a fan of anything Apple; I hate synchronization and that whole lousy way of handling music. After owning (3) bad Apple music devices, I vowed never to use anything Apple… Oh well, not going to introduce a laptop in the music room. Yes, I know, Roon Nucleus+ is a high powered laptop (i7 dual core w/ 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, housed in extruded aluminum case; no fans or moving parts) without the noise running just one application, Roon. I’m connecting the Nucleus+ to my network (100ft away in Great Room) through a CAT7 (great shielding) Ethernet cable with cable toroid at Nucleus+. I had the electrician run (3) 100ft CAT7 Ethernet runs from music room to great room where my NAS & wireless router are located. I terminated all cable ends myself using Talegartner J45 connectors. The connectors are very important you get that right; however, Talegartner J45 connectors are so easy to install.

  1. PSA DS DMP - album cover…
  2. PSA DS DAC - streaming
  3. PSA P20 Power Plant - power analysis

OK, now which connection was used for the Roon Nucleus+ streaming. Yes, you guessed it, the PSA P20. Initially, looking at power on the PSA website was cool; however, can’t see using that connection unless there is some troubleshooting needed. In that case, I will remove the Nucleus+ connection and attach it to the P20. Have you ever done something you thought “that was so smart”… yes, that was this time. However, I must confess, it was not because I was thinking ahead. When the electrician ran the CAT7 through the attic I thought, let me get as many cables as I can get run, you never know. At a total of $200 per cable {$100 per cable labor & $100 per cable material (cable + 2 Talegartner connectors)}; lot less than… oh crap I need another connection and have to call the electrician again.

I removed all the room treatments; helped w/ complex rear room geometry.

Sbooster analysis using Roon Blog data on NUC715 (Nucleus)

Are you using the ultra with the Sbooster?

That significantly reduces the power output.

@cxp - How much does it reduce power output? The numbers you are looking at are for the MKII that comes with the ultra. They are right out of the manual.

I got the confusion and it is on me… the Sbooster Ultra MKII is designed as an additional upgrade for our BOTW P&P ECO MKI and MKII power supplies. The Sbooster Ultra MKII has to be connected directly to the Sbooster split-current module of the BOTW P&P ECO.

MKII Manual w/ No Ultra Module


The output numbers will be in the Ultra manual.

The ultra add on from 1st generation dropped output to 800mA. In that case you might only get 18-20 W from the unit.

@cxp - I did not buy the ultra; thanks for letting me know the consequences. You had me worried because the Sbooster is close enough when running Nucleus, let alone Nucleus+ w/ DSP that I will be running convolution filters. If I purchased the “Ultra”, I would have the 2nd box on the output of the Sbooster.

Oh… check the side of the ultra, MK1 had the mA output on the unit itself.

Ok… good to go then.

@cxp - scared the hell out of me and glad you did because if I decided to go that route there is no way I could run the Nucleus+ w/ DSP (Convolution Filters) at an 800mA reduction in output power. Also, I will be following up w/ Sbooster to get the data as to the reduction in power and see how it will effect this MKII Sbooster.

Thank You!


@cxp - Here is something that is just not right… if you lost 800mA out of 2,000mA… would not say it is loss-less? Then they go further to say be careful about the power output with music streamers…

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I think this has to do with output voltage and and the waveform. Not necessarily the amp/wattage delivery.

From the ultra webpage " The Sbooster Ultra is based on active filter technique. The electronics of the Sbooster Ultra need power to operate. Therefore the BOTW P&P ECO power supply has to be set to a higher DC-output Voltage."

If it uses power it will reduce the amperage/wattage.

@cxp - completely agree… when they talk about power, that is V X I and that is wattage delivery. They are conflating the words and it is very misleading. Anyway, thanks for alerting me and will follow up.

@cxp - I just got the Roon Nucleus+ and TIDAL all up and running after getting my 2017 iPad this morning. It is amazing and sounds great. After 6 hrs of the Nucleus+ running (w/o convolution filters), the Sbooster set to 18.0V is not even the slightest bit warm. They said at 75% load it would get warm. It is just above ambient (+2-3F above ambient max) if that. I left the Sbooster connected for the whole weekend before turning on the Nucleus+; no load, wanted to make sure it was all set-up so I didn’t rush the application installation and Roon set-up. When Roon was set up I had to reinstall TIDAL due to a connection issue and the clean database registry solved it…

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@cxp - I just engaged the DSP engine in Roon w/ Nucleus+ from the Sbooster plugged into the P20. After 15 hrs of streaming music w/ DSP, the Sbooster did not even get the slightest bit warm. So, I’m taking the plunge after seeing this compatibility list for Ultra MKII and the Sbooster not even getting the slightest warm. I will now switch the Vout to 19V when I add the Ultra and let you know how about the performance. I will be getting the Ultra by the end of next week.


@Paul - Looks like Jim Austin of Stereophile got the P20 “output impedance” spec wrong on the recent P20 review. It is not 0.049 ohms, it is 0.005 ohms; said it came from PSA (Leebens). A very big difference between 50m ohms and 5m ohms… :frowning:

No kidding. I am on it. Thanks!

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@cxp - I just got the Ultra attachment. Turned off the Nucleus+; turned off the Sbooster; moved the output voltage switch to 19.0V; removed the tip; added the Ultra box; connected the output to the Nucleus+; turned on the Sbooster and blue blinking light steady for as long as the Sbooster w/ Ultra is connected. Set-up the whole Sbooster again with no Ultra. Turned the Sbooster on and solid blue light and in ~ one minute the core was seen and then sound… I did this twice to make sure and also measured the output voltage with a DVM and it was 18V out of the Ultra with the Sbooster set to 19.0V. Searched all over the internet, roon labs, and manual for Nucleus+ blue blinking light and got nothing.

I assume the 800mA loss you warned me about was felt at Nucleus+ (NUC717) at power up and not properly satisfied with power input. I have no idea what blue blinking light means. If you run across this in your travels, please let me know. At this point I’m just curious. In addition, if you know someone looking for a 19.0V Ultra filter, let me know. Some times you win, sometimes you lose… Can’t say you did not warn me and I appreciate the reply last week…