sd card DAC

I took my PWDAC to dealer for listening session DSDAC great experience! Finally ordered the upgrade kit.

My dealer asked why I kept the SD in the slot he advised to remove it as the card would be re-read each time when the DAC needs

be switched on.

As I leave my DAC on all time; I did not realize this potentially can cause problems.

What’s the best to do?

Your dealer is incorrect. Once read the device knows better than to read it again. The only exceptions to this are a few rescue programs we offer in extreme cases. Normally, these are only read once.

Here’s how you can tell. If the SD card is left in and the PS logo light blinks when you first power the unit, then he’s right. I suspect, however, the blinking logo light happened the first time and does not now happen each time you restore power.

The SD card is meant to stay in if you have a Bridge installed. If not, then you can remove it without worry.

Thank you for your reaction, good to know.

I was informed by my dealer that the upgrade kit is not readily available over here and needs to be ordered/shipped from Boulder(?) U.S to Belgium. Please hurry! :wink:

One more question: would it be sensible to keep the old replaced electronic components or waste it? (… hey, I am Dutch…)

Would PS audio be willing to sell empty enclosures for make re-usage possible?

Best Regards

We don’t sell empty enclosures because we’re just not equipped in that manner, plus it’s more than an enclosure - it’s the front panel touch screen, power supplies, etc. We just don’t do kits.

Thank you Paul - OK, I can’t wait to report my findings after the upgrade :wink: Had to save up until now, so can’t wait to start up my system with DS.