It’s an amazing thing. You buy a set of components, and deep down you know you have the raw material to produce great sound, but something always seemed to be holding things back.

The last couple of years i’ve taken a serious look at noise contributors and have systematically addressed the various sources, mainly electrical, but the last thing in the noise equation was disconnecting the digital network from the system.

A summary:

  • dedicated 20A service to the music room
  • Stellar PP3 with a beeswax fuse (preamp, phono preamp, DS)
  • balanced iso transformers (fuseless, raw) on each monoblock power amp
  • every other component on a PP5
  • noise harvesters (2) on the main AC that feeds everything
  • High Fidelity MC-0.5s on the output of each balanced transformer as well as on the output of the PP3
  • WiFi dongle on my Bryston BDP; so no hard network connections to the system AT ALL

The results? Amazing and effortless detail, no glare, and everything is presented at a realistic size — even the deepest bass is articulated and in its own separate space.

Big smile on this face!