Serviio and Direct Stream DAC?

I am a Serviio user and recently bought a Direct Stream DAC with Bridge II. Serviio uses device profiles, but doesn’t have one specifically for the Direct Stream DAC. Any suggestions on possible profiles to try?

Find the profile that just passes the bits, no DSP, no upsampling.

Thanks for your help. Those profiles are cryptic – simply named by device, i.e., Sony Playstation – so this will be challenging. I’ll probably change over to a better media server and save some problems.

FWIW: The Serviio generic (default) profile passes the bits, without upsampling, and no DSP. It works fine with Bridge II and DSDAC.

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Great! I’m glad you were able to get it working well… and how does it sound?

It sounds great, certainly much improved over playing those files thru my Roku with Serviio.