Setting up DS DAC Bridge 2 with direct connect ethernet to PC


I need the procedure for setting up a Bridge 2 to work with my Windows 10 PC running J River MC23. I would like to use a direct connected ethernet cable. I have been informed that I can use a pass through ethernet cable, but I do have a crossover cable if I need one. I am currently using it with a USB cable & it works fine, but I would like to move the laptop to a spot farther from my stereo rack.

I followed the MC23 setup procedures on PS Audio “How To”, but I never see te DS DAC in MC23 screen. I have not set the DAC to a static IP. I am not very networking savvy, so it would be nice to be able to follow a step by step procedure.



Hi bugeyed,

The How to Tutorial we host on our site is the best resource we have to help JRiver users set up their Bridge.

You should use a standard CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable not a crossover cable unless you wish to bypass all network nodes and go directly to your Windows 10 computer.

Then you will need to establish a static IP in the Bridge II.

We recommend using a router in between the Bridge II and the Windows 10 machine as it allows DHCP to work in the Bridge II and makes connections much easier.

If you do not mind, please reach out to us at if you continue to have trouble.

We’ll get to work setting up your network for you.

Thanks in advance,