Setting up my Sprout 100, What am I doing wrong?

I just received my Sprout 100 with Elac Uni-Fi speakers. I am running the optical in from my Samsung TV set to Optical Out. Occasionally, after a short stint at high volume, 60 seconds. The unit shuts down. When I restart the Sprout 100 there is a stutter every 5 seconds. This only occurs from the TV’s optical source.

If I shut everything down and restart, the system performs great, as long as I stay away from high volume levels.

What am I doing wrong?

Note: Streaming from Amazon Fire TV, one of the older boxes with optical out.

Check the audio out options for the Samsung. I forget what is available (PCM, 5.1, etc), but try changing it. 5.1 out definitely won’t work.

Thank you, i will make sure that it is PCM

If using wi-Fi for streaming the source content, smart tv or older firebox, it could be connection drops. I had similar issues with the Apple Airport optical output. Just another thing to keep in mind. To rule out defective cable or Sprout issue, hook a cd or dvd or Blu-ray player to the sprout and see if the audio cuts off the same way.

Thank you