Settings for Roon and DSJ


I dont have a problem just looking for any advice on how to tweak for even better sound.

I went all in and have a Qnap TVS-471 with my music library. I also have the Roon head installed on the Qnap and have the Roon control on my Apple Mac Book Pro. My settings on Roon are the default settings. Just want to add that Roon is incredibly flawless. Never drops, always works.

I am running CAT5 through a router to my DSJ. My system consists of:

PS Audio BHK 250 amp with upgraded Tungstram PCC887DJ8 tubes, BHK Signature pre amp upgraded with Tungstram PCC887DJ8 tube, DSJ Dac, Rogue Audio Ares tube phono stage, Rega P6 turntable with Benz Micro Wood cart and a pair of Chapman T7 speakers.

I am in audio heaven as far as vinyl goes and streaming sounds great but the vinyl is heads above.

I have a vinyl 45rpm version of Sam Cook Night beat that sounds incredible and have a DSD of the same album which sounds great but does not nearly have the depth or soundstage of the vinyl.

Anyone know of any tweaks I can make to get the streaming closer to vinyl or is it just that a good recording on vinyl will always sound better.

Appreciate any help


twperil said


I dont have a problem just looking for any advice on how to tweak for even better sound.

I'm in the same boat, or will be once the new Bridge II firmware comes out. Thought I'd quote and reply to stimulate activity in this post. I'll be using a Win 10 PC and Roon to stream Tidal and files (mostly 16/44.1 CD rips).

Any experienced folks able to share tips and tricks?

Thank you,

Chris V

Sorry for the late reply…

Not going to touch the digital vs. vinyl thing, beyond saying that IMO my vinyl can sound better than digital from Roon. But not always. There are a lot of links in both chains that have to be right for either to sound good.

As far as Roon is concerned, I’d never put my Roon Core on a QNAP NAS. I’ve got a TS-451 myself, and I strongly suspect there’s just not enough horsepower to do the job justice. You’ll note that Roon Labs does not support that install. Tolerate it, sure. But support it? No. And I know this is just anecdotal, and possibly no good as “proof” for my point, but this is not the first time I’ve seen a complaint about Roon’s sound from someone with their core an a QNAP NAS. I suspect that’s not a coincidence, for you don’t see a lot of unhappiness from people with serious gear (like yourself) that also have their Core running on a supported platform.

Beyond moving your core to one of the NUC’s Roon recommends (look at their ROCK requirements posts), I’d suggest you head over to the Roon forum - if you haven’t already. There are lots of things that need to be done in Roon’s settings to make sure you are optimizing your sound, and that’s the place where they really help with that.

Good luck.

Are you using Integer mode in the advanced Roon settings?

If not, you are killing your signal.

Thanks cxp & scolley

Will givethe integer mode a try and see how it sounds.

Am getting the feeling that a NUC or similar is the way to go.

Hi Guys,

I can’t seem to access the advanced setting when trying to set up the DSJ “zone”?

I’ve found it when setting up my AUNE X1 USB DAC/Headphone amp & it’s made a positive difference so I’m keen to enable this for DSJ playback?

Any ideas?




I am running a NUC with Roon Rock as the OS. I have an external HDD plugged into it with my files on it.

In terms of settings, as far as I know, there is no setting for “integer mode” in either the Roon Rock or Windows implementation of Roon. That is to say, the setting is only available and relevant to Apple computers. I just wanted to mention that as the comments above might make you think that there is something missing in your settings when in fact the Integer Mode will only apply to people running Roon on an Apple. :“We’ve also released Integer mode support for OSX. This disables some unnecessary processing steps within CoreAudio.”

Can you describe what you mean by “advanced settings” for the DSJ in Roon? Perhaps a screenshot of what you see when you go to the settings for the DSJ would be good.



Would you mind if I asked some questions of you and the other knowledgeable folks here about setting up the Roon server for the first time on this thread or should I start a separate one? Totally ok with whatever you prefer or would be proper. I just bought a Qnap 453A and was about to start with the fun and know there are some questions that I have.