SGCD display not working following loud static noise

My Ultradigital was added to my system yesterday with an Ultrarendu, both powered by Sbooster supplies, and about 3 hours in a loud static sound came through and stopped. The SGCD rebooted but the blue button was dim and the OLED is dead. All other functions are working, the volume knob works as well as the remote. Optical via TV is fine and the Ultradigital works via the I2S.

This is the 2nd time a static noise has occurred, last time was while watching TV via optical about 8 months ago.

Are there any other instances of this type of thing occurring with the SGCD?

I’ll call in tomorrow.

Update, issue with SGCD firmware. Chip is being shipped. Glad it’s a simple fix.

A+ for PA audio customer service.

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