SGCD/S300 and new Uptone Iso-Regen

Hi guys,

I am patiently awaiting my new SGCD and S300 combo.

I just pre-ordered the Iso-Regen which will be arriving mid-may!

Here’s whats new:

• An improved USB 3.1 hub chip for improved signal integrity

• A ultra-low-phase-noise oscillator (Crystek CCHD-575), “Femtosecond” low jitter clock.

• Five of the world’s lowest noise integrated 200mA voltage regulators (the wonderful Linear Tech. LT3042).

• Galvanic isolation via Silanna chip. It appears this has taken them a year or so to integrate properly and not run into EMI and other noise issues.

  • And new custom USB A-B adapter for SQ.
I will post my review of the SGCD/S300 here next month after I have some time with the Iso-Regen, and I will compare to standard Regen.


ISO Regen finally arrived and it is a big improvement over original Regen.

Any sense of digital hash is gone. There is an increased sense of air and an organic sound to everything. Instrument separation and space is superb. Bass is much improved with more definition and less bass bloat. Kick drum sounds like real kick drum, bass guitar the same…etc. Left and right electric guitars are better separated in space and are very distinct

One test I use is loud, questionably recorded music. Luckily the remastered RHCP Californication album has at least backed off a bit so there isn’t clear clipping. The aggressive nature of Around the World is gone with guitars taking on a sweet tone and without the old in your face hard to listen to nature. I don’t want to give the impression that there is any unnatural sweetness here, instead there is a better sense that real instruments are in the room and the speakers truly disappear… 0 glare.

I highly recommend the ISO Regen with the SGCD/S300.

I will be interested when the Stellar server comes out if the ISO Regen can better I2S.

I had a similar nice improvement using the singxer su-1 usb to i2s converter… I think I read with i2s, the clock from the source device is used, so crystek 575 from the su-1…