Shunyata Alpha USB for Sale [SOLD]


I used this in combination with the Sigma USB with the SOtM Trifecta. It’s a great cable a bit over a year old.

Selling for $700 including PayPal fees and shipping in CONUS. Current MSRP is $1100.


Reduced from $775 to to $725 to $700 to $650

I was interested in your USB cable ! Could you explain why you like it so much ? Also what is the length of your cable ?

Hi @jazzbirder,

Thanks for your interest. I love it because it brings out details that you never knew were there, and it seems to bring out a sense of depth /separation in the songs that you didn’t know was there as well. I had a Sigma as well that was just like this but even more amazing but this gets you close for half the price. @aangen bought it from me and uses that, and he has demo’d a lot of different cables.
The length is the standard 1.5m.

Here is the link from Shunyata.

Please let me know if you have any more questions, happy to answer them. Also I would reach out to @aangen (hope you don’t mind Al!) if you want another persons perspective.

Please note I am out of my house and cannot ship until Thursday, but will send 2-day priority mail USPS so it can get there Saturday.


Hi Veneet!
I have no problem with people contacting me about any cable I own. I will share with you that I recently added Shunyata Sigma speaker cables to my system. Unfortunately they did not make nearly the difference the Sigma USB cable did.
Fun though!
I am in Chicago tonight. Tomorrow I am auditioning MBL 101 E MKII speakers, amount other things. I love this hobby!

Your pal,

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Thanks Al,

Have a great time with the MBL. My dealer just started carrying them and another one in FL just started talking about creating a space for an MBL experience so something must be going well with them!

Have a great time and let me know how it goes!


Reduced to $650

My goodness, I may have to buy this just to stop the madness. This cable is no doubt well worth that price. Golly.

sent you a PM Al