Shunyata Anaconda Zitron XLR Interconnects (1m and 1.5m) and 2m Speaker Cable


These cables are brand new. They have been burned in using a cable cooker for three days, and been used for 1 day in my system. I did a shootout against my Transparent Audio Reference (at twice the price), and marginally prefered the the latter (in my system), so the Shunyata’s have to go. The Shunyata are actually more open and “transparent” in the top end, and a blazingly fast. Ask any dealer that picked up this line and they wil tell you this is the best value ultra high end cable on the market today. Paypal add 3%.

XLR 1m (MSRP $2250) - $1700

XLR 1.5m (MSRP $3010) - $2250

Speaker Cable (MSRP $3998) - $3000