Shunyata Delta Interconnects for sale-

XLR I meter pair, $700. $600ea. for 2 pair. Both less than one year old with
original packaging in mint condition. Faithful hookup with BHK pre and
BHK monos.

Just to be clear. You have two pairs for sale. If somebody buys one pair the price is $700. If they choose to buy both pairs the price is $1,200. Right?

That is correct. Would be happy to ship them to your corner of the world
or you can send a chopper to Chicago.

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If they were Sigmas I’d seriously think about it. Great cables none-the-less. Shunyata are really caning it lately with their current product line-up.

Yes, Shunyata is on a roll. I have Alpha power cords on all my gear and
Sigma feeding the P20. Getting Icono OCC IC’s, have SPTPC on my speakers.
Consciously did not demo Sigmas, too much dinero. I might revisit a new Denali
soon. Demoed it against the P20 a while back and thought was a contender.
Better noise reduction but P20 more dynamic and more outlets.