Shunyata Python Zitron 1.8m 20A


Good as new cable, less than 6 months old. Moving up to Anaconda. This is the gold standard in power cables. Nothing comes close for the price. Very rarely show up used. Note that this is a 20A cable.

Asking price $1,400


Python sold. Just ordered 6 x anaconda zitron, 2 x wall to p5, 2 x p5 to monoblocks, 1 x p5 to arc re 5se, 1 x p5 to MSB dac. This should be fun. If my wife finds out, I’m heading for divorce. It’s worth the risk.


Wow. Divorce might be considered too easy and quick an exit for you!

Do let us know how all of those PCs settle in.



Congrats! Hope you can daisy chain those suckers on a fan for the burn in…otherwise, it’s a b***h…but you’re in for a MAJOR payoff in the end. I’m in week three of an Anaconda Zitron burn in. I figure I have about another week to go.


I’m all set. Call me a sucker, but I am the proud owner of an audiokharma cable cooker, and I just acquired a bunch of adaptors allowing me to daisy chain the cables. This hardware (cooker) will go up on audiogon after this projects, because I’ll have no more cables to cook for the foreseeable future. I have all Transparent Reference signal cables, and all Shunyata Anacoda PCs. Every single one acquired at a price I can resell for in a heartbeat, should I fall on economic hardship… :slight_smile:

A month of cooking strikes me as excessive though… What is the thinking behind this?


Sucker! :smiley:

How long do you plan to cook them?

The use of adapters is a great idea. You have a lot of cables to treat.


May be a week. At $10 a piece, the adaptors are a no brainer. I’ll be cooking all six cables at the same time. I personally don’t believe in cooking PCs, but I don’t want to risk offending the high priests of audio voodoo, and do it anyway just in case.


It makes little sense to me, but there is absolutely no harm in trying. If you can, post a picture of the cable chain cooking away. It’s a fun idea.


What i have heard is the most of cables change their characteristics due to changes in insulation. I like your approach :slight_smile:

It makes little sense to me, but there is absolutely no harm in trying. If you can, post a picture of the cable chain cooking away. It's a fun idea.

Here you go. Welcome to the snakepit. Attached files



This is a deliciously silly as I had hoped. :smiley:


I also have a ‘cooker’. If anyone wants their cables cooked I can accommodate them.



Quick comment on sonics. I am getting “cleaner”, more detailed sound with the 6 new cords (these replace 2 x Shunyata Python CX, 1 x Synergistic Research Hologram D, 1 x Shunyata Python Zitron, 2 x Mojo Audio XPC-7), but the upgrade does not materially improve “musicality” of my system. So I have to say this investment is yielding a low return in terms of sound quality per $$$ spend. I am still a little puzzled by this, because from what I recall, inserting individual shunyata cables into my system always got me great results, so I was hoping swapping out six would be a step change improvement. I cooked the cables for a few days before installing them.

However, I got such an insane deal on the cables, I don’t really care, because this would be an easy zero loss resell if I wanted to offload them (not planning to).


Interesting, I also expected a greater reported improvement. On the other hand, you had some nice cabling already and the change would be relative in any event.

Personally, I think it was worth it for the cable snake pit!


Unusual. I’m in the process of trying out some ac12 pc’s, but I’ve splurged on a cobra zi-tron for the ARC ref 150. I’m expecting big things over my current furutech pc’s.