Shunyata Sigma NR Power Cable: SOLD

About one year old.
1.75 meters
USA/15amp IEC
No factory package.
Glorious sounding power cable
$1290. including shipping conus and Paypal

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Guhead, price a new one.

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That’s a crazy good price!

Not only will it make everything sound better, but I’m told it might cure baldness! (bump)

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A reason for selling it might be helpful, since it’s so good.

This belongs to my son, who went for an integrated amp. (Pass INT 25)
And my system is all Shunyata Sigma and Alpha, so I don’t need it.

Not only is this one of the truly great cables, but I’ve been told, by the guy who sells bootleg 8-track tapes outside the liquor store, that this cable will actually help with central obesity. And we all know how dangerous that can be! (bump)

again, with the bump…

Slim Gaillard said this cable made the chimp’s ukelele sound as if it was played by a higher primate.


Yup! In fact, I’ve been told by the lady who sells beet tops outside the hosiery shop that this cable can actually make one taller!

Perhaps a cure for ED too given stamina benefits?

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Acne. Clears up acne.

The juice, or the cable?

Oh yes, cable for sure!

I’m starting to fear I am going to buy this.

@aangen Thank you. Now I don’t have to worry about selling my children’s Christmas presents so I can get the money to buy it.

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…and I won’t have to finish casing that liquor store.

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Wait—Do you give your kids Christmas presents every year?? Hope not. Teach them to wait, it builds character. For example, when I was a kid I got a present every other year. And it was just one thing. And it was often second hand. Like, I’d get one shoe. And boy, did I appreciate that shoe. Even if it was my sister’s pumps. Wearing one pump built character also.
Buy the cable. :grinning:

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Let’s see. Maybe I could claim that a Covid Christmas must be without gifts. Hmmmm. Yes, I think I will throw that one out and see if it sticks to the wall. :thinking: