Signature cannot be changed

Description says it all. Users are unable to change their signature due to an apparent bug.

I was able to change mine …

I’ve noticed at time that things that might be interpreted as mark-up language may cause posts to not actually get posted, etc. I suspect this problem might be similar. You might try avoiding, say, >'s, etc.

OK, I just tried that. I had a bunch of “>” in the sig. Changed them to “-”. Same result - the changes do not appear in posts.

Are you clicking on “update signature” before leaving the signature edit page?

If you are unable to make the edits you would like, please post your desired sig and I will make the changes for you.

It should read

BubbleUPnP/Roon > Bridge II > DS DAC > Kimber KS-1136 > Parasound JC-1 amps > Analysis Plus 8ga. bi-wired jumpers > Apogee Duetta Signatures

I believe you are now set.