Silver P10 for sale, in excellent condition - SOLD


I am the second owner of this PS Audio P-10 Power Regenerator, in silver finish. Looking to sell for $2,400 OBO.

I bought it in September 2017, and it has provided trouble-free, clean power the whole time, making my system sing its best. It is the only conditioner I found that completely eliminated drop outs from my DAC during air conditioning season (my local grid exposes me to plenty of neighboring impacts) - - it was a life saver (well, figuratively)! I’ve use it to power my full system, including my two PS Audio BHK 300 mono blocks, which sound better from the P-10 than directly from the outlets of my dedicated lines. I am only selling this one to make way for the latest P-20 model as an upgrade. The P-10 is a powerfully good conditioner, and an especially good sonic value at this price!

This unit is rated 8 out of 10, and it is in pristine condition with the exception of some perceptible very light swirls on its glossy black top (visible with the right angle and light reflecting - - impossible to photograph, I’ve found). It will ship well-packed in the original carton. The carton weighs 82 lbs.

Check my feedback and buy with confidence. Priced fair to sell. Buyer covers shipping fees from 55428, and I will only ship to continental US.

Send me a PM if interested.

Thanks for looking, and happy listening!