Silver P10 for sale

Hi everyone,

This unit has been well kept and works beautifully. Just over 3 years old and includes all original accessories: remote, manual, shipping materials. $2600 OBO shipped (via PayPal F&F or include the fee % if purchase protection is desired) in the conus w/ insurance and signature required at delivery. Used with a very underwhelming amplifier (Adcom 5500 that puts out 200w/ch with my 8ohm speakers). A conservative 8/10, but there is not a scratch to be found!

Is this unit for US power? I live in France…

Hi! It is being used in the US and not sure about what you would need for France.

New price $2850!

A deal here at 2,600!

Is this still for sale?

Hi, sent you a PM regarding this item. Thanks!