Sine or Multiwave function

In MW mode most of the time, but some poor recordings sound better with MW off for me.

My MW is set to 3 as well.

I used 6 but that was because my amp’s transformer hum also went down with that setting. With the new p20 I will try again Monday and see.

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Also using 6

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I use 6 on my P-10 as my system makes so little demand on the P-10 that there is no reason to use any less! It sounds the best!

I am using 6 on my P12. Sounds great!

Same here. Sine wave all the way. Although it did sound cleaner, it took all the air and transients away :+1::musical_score::sparkles:

I find more air and openness with sine

I find more dynamics with MW 5…

Multi-wave for me.

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There’s an indicator dial on the front of my amp. It indicates current and only moves when you move out of class A (which it never has).
When I switch in and out of MW, the needle will nudge slightly up or down as it goes from Sine to MW6, but it always returns immediately to it’s original position. Maybe the power supply is tightly regulating and that’s why i hear no difference at all.

Hi Veneet, have you solved the noise problem? I have a P10 and I in the last six months as well hear the noise from the amplifier. I had to plug it into a wall outlet. How to solve this problem?

I thought I had but I just got a new integrated amp and it has issues with either setting. I am pretty disheartened. The noise went away when plugged into a regular outlet instead of the p20

Discouraging news. :confused:


I’ll have one of our customer service guys get in touch with you. Your P20 shouldn’t be making noise with your new amplifiers and I’m sure we can get it taken care of for you.


Great, thanks Matt I appreciate that!

Y’know, I was going to say I’m a sine wave guy all the way, but I decided to try mwave for a bit and noticed that I enjoyed acoustic music (jazz, classical) a bit more on mwave 6. The music seems to have a bit less of an edge to it, which surprised me since I figured sine wave would have been the most “pure”. Maybe it is and mwave compensates for something in the recordings or my system.

When I did Auto-Tune it came up with the number 6. Does that mean that if I do use mwave that it’s determined 6 is the optimal value? I tried the other mwave numbers and felt 6 was the best in my case anyway. I didn’t notice the Auto-Tune result until after I played with mwave.