Single end classA

I have hear a class A single End chinesse low price amplifier in biamp configuration with a tube pushpull.
The sound was wonderful although lack of power with its 7w for medium and high channel.
My question what is thecreason for this type of amplifiers to have so low power?
Is the clarity and definition of the sound due to class A or to the single end configuration?

Welcome! This was one of the first ways audio was amplified. I think the sound can be so good for both reasons. My monoblocks (not cheap Chinese) are both single-ended and all Class A and sound amazing to me.

May I ask which ones do you have?

I use these Decware SE84UFO3 monoblock amplifiers, mine also have the “25th Anniversary” power supply bypass modifications.


2.7w. !!!What is the sensitivity of your speakers?

In both of my systems I use the Decware HR-1, about 93 db .

In my main system I also use the Decware ZBIT, ZTPRE, CSP3 with the 25th Anniversary Mods, and ZROCK2 with the 25th Anniversary Mods and tube regulation option. Together I have all the power I need and sound I had previously only dreamed of having.

In my audio & video system I use a Decware Taboo Mk IV amp (5 watts!) with the 25th anniversary Mods, a CSP2+ preamp (earlier version of the CSP3) with 25th Anniversary Mods, the ZBIT and the ZROCK2 with 25th Anniversary Mods with another pair of HR-1.

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Thanks a lot for your info.I am going tovread about your equipments.I am planning to change my system with a old Conrad Johson preamp PV9.tubes
A new PrimaLuna Dialogue HP push pull class A\B and 8 EL 34
DAC WEISS and .LINN streamer
And Spanish made 3 ways speakers with Morell
and Scan Speak drivers. with 89db .
But the singleend class A is much better.
Your setup is very different from mine.In USA you have bettercoptions than in EU.