Singxer over IIS/HDMI to DS Jr

Mac (Mini or BookPro) loaded with Amarra 4 worked well with DS Jr. I have installed Singxer between Mac and DS in order to clean USB signal coming into DS and, everything else being the same, the system does not work. While this question has been already directed to SonicStudio and Singxter for technical support, I hope, while waiting, that someone in this forum might have a solution to this problem, other than removing Singxer from the system.

MacMini (or BookPro) with Amarra 4 (luxe) - USB cable - Singxer - IIS/HDMI - DS Jr - Van der Hul XLR - Hegel Rost Integrated - VonSchweikert Master cables - Raidho C1.2

I suspect the I2S output is not PS Audio compatible (it is proprietary) and the only solution is to remove the unit from the signal chain.

Does using the coaxial or XLR outputs into the DS jr work?

I use a Kitsune tuned edition Singxer SU-1- it works well with my DSD Sr. Check the DIP switches on the bottom of the unit- I believe they all should be in the OFF position for PS Audio DACs. I have not tried the SU-1 with my Mac, I am running an ultrarendu with it. Hope this helps.

Thank you Elk and Bassaholic for your comments. The Singxer is known to work with DS, one testimony is above, I know of a couple of more. Unit is supplied with all DIP switches in off position by default and that configuration is reported to work with PSA DS. Based on my readings, I strongly believe, that the issue is with the communication between Mac (with Amarra) and Singxer SU-1 (via USB) and not on the I2S side, certainly not DS fault whatsoever. I will try another software (Audirvana, BitPerfect?) and UltraRendu on the hardware side, but any hint from a successful Mac(Amarra)/Singxer/PSA DS user would be appreciated. smile

Bassaholic, IYO, is Kitsune modification/tuneup worth extra effort/$? Are you aware of USA/CANADA based expert to carry out modifications/tuneup in line with Kitsune or similar? I do not want to ship the unit out of the country and back again.

Tim Connor is based in Lynwood, Washington.

He is great to work with and takes pride in his work. He has a power supply tweak you can do at home to improve the SU-1 further, or you can send yours in to be customized. The main point is to reduce output noise. Shoot him an email and he can give you the tech details and maybe which Mac player would work best.