Snap On Ferrite Core?

I received Snap On Ferrite Core clips for both the P3 and DS Memory Player. Should these be installed routinely or only if I hear a problem? On which cables should these be installed?

I’m pretty certain they are provided because the FCC makes PS Audio include them. And I’m also pretty sure they are totally unnecessary. I know they won’t fit on my AC5!

P.S. They go on the power cord.

Not sure why they are included, see above reply. Did you look through the manuals? I often see USB cables with them built in, also a few companies used to sell them as tweaks. Listen without them, then add one to the power cord, and listen to see if it makes a difference. A positive difference, as some claim negative results.

I must have a dozen of them in different sizes, and some that are rectangular. Years ago, when I tried them, I heard no difference, but my system was not as resolving. I left some on power cords that could not have a direct impact on sound, and removed the rest. I left them on because they could be removing noise that could get to other power cords, if they share an outlet on the power conditioner I am using. Back then it was a Panamax, now a Dectet. I may get out a couple, and try them on a few cables.

See page 10 of the PDF (says page 5 on the actual page)of the of the P10 manual, something about international regulations for the LAN cord.

Yeah, exactly. We’re required to do it. What a waste. Chuck 'em.

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