Software recomendations

Hey. A bit off-topic, but I need some advice. Our studio specializes in video editing and processing, and I need great software for remote monitoring and communication with employees working from home. Any suggestions, please.

p.s thanks to everyone!
found one, WorkTime employee monitoring software - if someone interested

Can you detail your use case a bit more?

TeamViewer is a good option for being able to assist via remote control and Zoom has taken the defacto standard spot for communication in my organization.

Ideally, this is some kind of software with the function of video conferencing and remote access to computers (or tracking the working hours of employees)

TeamViewer handles both remote control and video conferencing but it does not have a timesheet function to my knowledge. It’s free to try I believe.

In addition to Team Viewer which could be used to see what is on office computers, if you have a business version of Office 365, you could use MS Teams for videoconferencing and SharePoint to have Excel timesheets and files shared by the team.