Sold: Analog Productions Blue Note Box Set - 25 Recordings 45rpm LPs & Box

Just in case anyone here would like to participate in the ebay fun. It’s a mint set. Selling off my LPs (two years after selling my turntable). My system needs an upgrade:


oooohhhhh man

What he said.

thankfully it’s not a buy-it-now or something I have to decide on right now. (but if you offered it at $995 here, I would jump!)

I have a few of them on LP, but only Dexter Calling and Horace Silver on 45RPM.

What a great collection.

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Hey wait a minute I have quite a few of these on Music Matters.
Wishing you the best with your sale. Yes, at $995 I would have bit.

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Sold to a member on the site and cancelled the eBay auction. Good to see them go to a good home!

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