Sold - Bridge for Sale


Bridge for sale - $300

Shipping and paypal included

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That is an amazing price.

A little bird tells me it might be a good idea to hang on to it a bit longer.


don’t burn your Bridges


:smiley: something like that.


So Gordon, why hold onto the Bridge. What’s up


Chirp, chirp, twitter . . .


I figure I am doing the PS community a favor… I can only imagine that a fully functional wavestream will appear right after I let the bridge go. :wink:


Or a trade in deal on a Birdge V2 that works to full potential?!

birddogthecat said: Or a trade in deal on a Birdge . . .

The Birdge must be the little birdie version.


Not trying to spread any rumors.

Just sayin", be a bit more patient.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and I don’t think its a train.


i hate it when those tunnel lights turn into trains!!

consider the rumor started G :))


@levi Hey, I build model trains! Sort of like Christmas wondering what @Gordon has inside the package! No peeking.

Gordon said: There is light at the end of the tunnel and I don't think its a train.

could be a proctoscope


Haha love this commentary. Anyways, I haven’t used the bridge in months so even if I miss the train, er light, that’s coming I don’t think Ill be too upset. USB is working quite well for me.


@nile49 My USB Cardas Clear Beyond is due back from re-termination next week. Looking forward to playing with it and A-B SQ with Bridge.

There are some settings that I will have to play with in JRiver to get the best SQ using USB…another learning curve.


@Nile49 what are you using via USB in place of the bridge


I am using the latest Mac Mini with whatever the USB cord from my printer is, I think it may be a Belkin. I am using a JRiver 18 build on the Mac. I did a quick comparison with the latest version that is out but I thought 18 was more relaxed so I went back. I do have occasional problems with JRiver 18, it is beta after all. One other thing I should mention is that I think things sound better when pulling the bridge out while using other inputs.


+1 JR18


Hey nile49… $300.00 is a bit too low… I just sold mine in a day on Audiogon for $400.00 plus shipping… Just sayin"


@erikm Thanks for the heads up!