**SOLD** CARDAS CLEAR 2.5M USB: BRAND NEW - NEVER OUT OF BOX - $145.00 inlcudes FedEx*


FORUM MEMBERS - If you are one of our own & an active participant, you get a 15% discount!!!

I have a 2.5 meter CARDAS CLEAR USB cable: type A to type B USB (what you need for DAC’s). This is brand new cable as in never out of the box. Complete with Cardas Certificate, outer & inner boxes…EVERTHING.

One of our customers ordered by mistake - he wanted Ethernet. So, here it is for you!

$145.00 includes FedEx Ground Insured to *CONUS.

If you use PayPal Commercial then there are fees. PayPal Friends & Family - No fees.

This item is listed on the usual commercial sale sites.

Please Note: Photo #1 is a Stock Photo - NOT actual cable listed here.

Photos 2 & 3 are ACTUAL photos of what you will receive.

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Very nice!

Somebody snap this up.



YOU HAVE TO BE A PLAYER TO QUALIFY: NO Lollygaggers :(|) :(|) :(|)


Taken. (By me.) Too good a deal to pass up. Thanks Christopher!



Thank you. Hope there is something inside the black box!!! Just kidding.


Please report back and let us know what you think.