**SOLD** Decware Zbox Triode Tube Buffer Stage


Up for sale is a Decware Zbox Triode Tube Buffer Stage

This will improve sound of any Source. Place this in between your source and amp.

The Zbox can also be used as a 1 input – 1 output passive tube pre amp.

This one comes with 2 tubes! A 12ax7 and a 12au7, for you to fine tune what you like best.

Also, the tube has upgraded grounding directly to the chassis, to maximize hum prevention.

Please follow this link for more info: http://www.decware.com/newsite/zbox.htm

New the Zstage is $549 (plus $18 shipping) and about a 3 month wait time!

Skip the line and enjoy a discount as added bonus!

I am asking only $449 for an as New Zbox with the 2 tubes, the upgraded grounding and FREE Shippng inside the USA.

Buy the Zbox at my asking price and you can pick any NEW Wireworld Series 7 power cable and I will give you 30% discount on the power cable! Please ask for the details.

I will ship them to anywhere in the world, but you have to contact me before buying for some important information and a shipping quote. Note: This is the 120V USA version!

Thanks for reading my post and please contact me if you have any questions.

Here is some info from the Decware website:


The ZBOX is designed as a stand-alone tube-output-stage for CD players or your favorite DAC. Actually it will work with any line level device. This is the same technology used in our tube CD players but without the player. Dedicating the tube stage to it’s own chassis has an advantage of shielding the circuitry from RF and digital noise typically found inside CD players.

The ZBOX is not just another buffer stage, if it were it would only make things sound marginally better and only on certain players/DACs. The ZBOX works by creating a starved voltage condition in the filament of the tube that in turn causes an increase in favorable harmonics and a decrease in objectionable distortion. This makes the ZBOX not “just another magic black box” for which the audio world has seen many, but rather makes it THE magic black box. Simply guaranteed to improve the sound of any solid state CD player or DAC (computer, tuner, tv, etc.).

If your DAC or CD player already has tubes you’ll find this unit almost always improves the sound quality of these as well.

The results are as follows:

Restores proper frequency balance though better impedance matching.

Improves tone and weight.

Relaxes and opens up the music for better detail, imaging.

Reduces listener fatigue.

Enhances the 3D effect of better recordings.


The ZBOX features a black powder coated steel chassis with a standard IEC connector and removable power cord.

The unit is designed with reduced voltages that only operate the tube at half power so there is no heat, and the tube will last twice as long. To keep everything at the ideal luke warm operating temperature for best sound, the ZBOX is run 24/7 and has no switch. It draws less power than a 15 watt light bulb and was specifically designed to stay on continuously.

There are a single pair of inputs and a single pair of outputs. The input level can be adjusted with the front mounted gain control. In cases where no preamp is used, this can be used as a volume control.

This is a plug it in and forget it solution to that CD sound that always errors towards thinness rather than richness. It removes the underlying stress in the playback of CD’s that many people don’t even realize is there until they’ve heard it gone.


Many audiophiles would like to have their home theater sound as good as their two channel setup, but have a hard time finding an audiophile DVD player, especially a tube one. This can solve the problem rather well. Adding a ZBOX to the front channel outputs of a DVD player will bring it’s performance up to a level that greatly surpasses your expectations. Placing another one on the rear channels and a final unit on the center channel and sub output (three zboxes total) turns your DVD player into a respectable sounding 6 channel tube output with a fast way to balance fronts against rears or center/sub volume with just the touch of a real analog volume control. No more fiddling for on screen menus during the movie to adjust channels. Excellent sound.


A final advantage to using a ZBOX is the simple fact that you can tube roll with your choice of 12AX7’s, 12AT7’s or 12AU7’s. Each of these tubes have a different signature as does every brand of each tube so you gain tremendous control over how your system sounds by voicing it to your tastes. Since the tube sticks out the front it can be easily changed at any time. Expect about 5 years on the tube before replacement. All tubes come with a 90 day warranty.


The ZBOX is self biasing so you NEVER have to set or adjust the bias for the output tubes. It is a maintenance free design.


Of course there are no circuit boards and no Chinese parts. There is a lifetime warranty though. Internally the ZBOX uses top grade resistors and poly film & foil capacitors on each channel. The output level control is made by ALPS, internal wiring by MOGAMI. Voltages are low for tube gear so the tube lasts for many years. Because of the lower voltages and lack of heat the ZBOX is a plug in and forget item. Designed for 24/7 operation there is no power switch. This ensures that the unit is always warmed up and at peak performance any time you turn on your CD player.


This amplifier is hand built in the USA by DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering C0. It comes with a lifetime warranty to the original owner. If you purchase one second hand and ever have questions or technical problems we WILL be happy to check it out for you and service it if needed for a very reasonable rate.

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