SOLD: Directstream dac (w/ SR Black power fuse)

SOLD: Directstream dac in very good to excellent condition (a couple of small scratches). Includes SR Quantum Black power fuse (+ original). Was upgraded from a PWD (changed everything exc. case + display). Sounds really good of course. Selling because I have two and now only need one. Included will be most everything that came with - box, outer box, manual, cord, remote, firmware SD (up to date) and anything else I can find. On the rear photo, the screw missing from the Bridge panel cover has been replaced.

Asking $2995 shipped FedEx (CONUS) including PP fees. PM me if interested.

NOTE: This is a U.S. 110v model with a U.S. serial number. Given PS Audio’s international network, potential buyers should know that distributors in other countries will likely not want to change the voltage, deal with warranties or otherwise service the unit.