SOLD**** For Sale: PS Audio xStream Plus speaker cables 3 meter length


Two pairs of PS Audio xStream speaker cables for sale. One pair Plus and one pair Statement; each 3 meter (10 ft) length in good condition with no visible flaws. Each includes the full complement of interchangeable spades and bananas, velvet bags, original packing materials, box, and owner manual. xStream Plus (8 ga) list $650; sell $180. xStream Statement (6 ga) list $850; sell $220. They are in excellent condition and sound great, though a bit dusty; conservatively rated 8/10 for age. I am the first owner, bought from Audio Advisor in 2005. They are wonderful cables, but I am downsizing my system and no longer need 10 ft length. Check the link below for a review with notes about the sound quality. Buyer pays shipping, estimated at $25 each to the lower 48. PayPal is preferred and I will eat the fee at my asking price. They are boxed and ready to ship. Don’t make me have to go to Audiogon or eBay with these!!

UPDATE: The Statements are sold but the Plus are still available.

UPDATE: Both pairs sold for over the asking price. Obviously I underpriced them.


Someone should jump on this great cables.great attention getters, they are huge. I have a pr of statements



How old are these cables? Are there any plans for interconnects, speaker cables, and where have the power cables gone? I thought new ones were on the way?

Steven B-)


They’re a few years old - but very good. We discontinued the audio cable line a few years back but have kept the ever-popular power cable line intact and yes, they are on the way. AC3 power cables are here, the 5’s and 12’s on the way.


These are indeed very nice cables. I have a set of the bi-wired version which I continue to use.

They only downside is they are big, heavy and stiff. One needs to have a plan of attack when moving these anacondas.


Update: The Statements are sold. The Plus are still available.