**SOLD** FS: PS Audio DirectStream with Bridge II **SOLD**

Up for sale is my one year old mint condition PS Audio DirectStream with Bridge II installed. This is the Sr. version which is in black. I have never removed the protective plastic from the unit either and it will ship in the factory PSA carton as received from PS Audio. Also, the firmware of the Bridge II and Dac is up to date as shown in the below photos.

**$OLD shipped to your door with check in the USA (L48)


Uploading: PSA Box.JPG…

lowered $3600

Now $3600

Would you be willing to sell the bridge separate from the Directstream DAC?

I will not do that and no trades.

Ok. No problem. Good luck with the sale. I hope it sells quickly.

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Now $3600

i just used one as a trade-in…if you want i will forward the contact info…also in mint condition with the original plastic protector cover still never removed…just like the photo in this thread…

they will get my unused Bridge 2 , if needed…

bump on the DirectStream

Bump for $3600


…bump for the DS

$3400 shipped to your door in the USA (with check)

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Great price/offer. GLWS.

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Thanks. It’s a great dac!

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Is this item still for sale? Is it still
under warranty, and can the warranty be transferred? Thanks.

Yes and yes