--sold--FS: Rogers LS 3/5A Speakers - original 15-ohm version - 2nd owner! (free ship, insurance - "lower 48")

I have owned this pair of Rogers “mini monitors” since 1985. First owner was a college roommate of mine, an audiophile who moved on to bigger speakers, from whom I bought the LS 3/5As.

Everything about these speakers is original, properly working, unmodified. Both speakers have their original KEF B110 and T27 drivers as well as the original crossovers that have made this BBC-designed speaker the legend that it is. The cabinets are in remarkable condition. (Please see the photos.) Ditto, the grill covers.

Condition is 8 of 10, easy.

For years, I used these LS 3/5As with Audio Research gear (the SP9 mkII preamp) and the PSE Studio IV power amp. Also I mated these speakers with tube gear (Bottlehead Foreplay preamp, Audio Electronic Supply/Cary power amps) plus other solid-state gear (lots of PS Audio and a Musical Fidelity integrated amp).

This pair of Rogers LS 3/5As always played well with others. These speakers produce sweet, fully detailed sound with a wide variety of equipment.

If you want speakers that throw a wide soundstage while also disappearing, the Rogers LS 3/5A magic is made for you.

Please note: The small, square rubber footers are included separate from the speakers (see photo), having been removed by me. (I mostly used Mapleshade Isoblocks or Vibrapods under these speakers.)

Now it is time to thin the herd. My downsizing, your good fortune!

Yes, these speakers are classics – they look it and they sound it. You will be pleased, very pleased.

As the last photo also shows, these Rogers LS 3/5As are double-boxed, securely padded with air pillows and bubblewrap, well-prepared for safe shipment to you, and I will insure them at my cost.

Free shipping including insurance goes to any buyer in the continental United States (the “lower 48”).

Buyers elsewhere are welcomed, but shipping and insurance will be at your cost.

Price for this pair of Rogers LS 3/5A 15-ohm speakers = $3,250


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