SOLD: Furutech 1A Audio Fuses (2) - Cost-effective significant sound improvement

SOLD: Furutech Audio Fuses, two 1A small Slow-Blow (5x20 mm). They have been used in PS Audio Directstream dacs for the past couple of years.

$27.50 each/$50.00 for both Shipped USPS in CONUS, plus PayPal fees (or use family/friends). PM me. Check my feedback US Audiomart, Audio Asylum, Audiogon, head-fi (highstream) and eBay (genegold99).

Power fuses make a big difference in sound. Here are some Furutech user reviews:

“For the price of entry, I highly recommend. It has given me improvements comparable to a good aftermarket power cable, and I do mean a good one.”


"With the Furutech fuse in place, it’s now easier for me to tell the relative position of where everything is on the sound stage…

So far this simple track is telling me a lot about the fuse: