SOLD: HiDiamond P3 Power Cord, 1m - 15A US/IEC

SOLD: HiDiamond 3 (P3) power cord - 1m, 15A US-IEC, excellent functional condition and good cosmetic condition, with one mesh tear (see photo). The HD 3, aka P3 or Diamond 3, was a popular power cord a few years back, until the No. American (Canadian) distributor decided to let it go. It is a very nice sounding cable, extracting lots of information and spatial cues, and is also very balanced sounding, sufficiently on the warm side. The listener will notice a cleaner/more focused soundstage, better midrange presence, and three dimensional sound. It provides explosive dynamics and fine, delicate detail that extends beyond the boundaries of my room. Several years back, I started using P3’s in my desktop computer audio and living room systems, along with a couple of P4’s, and still use a few of them in the first. This one is no longer needed. An internet search will show lots of positive feedback on this cable.

$700 new. Asking $195 shipped in CONUS + PayPal fees (or use no-fee method). See my feedback here and at Audiogon, Audio Circle, Audio Asylum and head-fi (highstream), and eBay (genegold99). PM if interested.

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