Sold - Hypex NCore NC400 Dual Mono Amplifier for Sale - $1300


For Sale: Hypex NCore NC400 Dual Mono Amp in a custom case. The amp does have some scratches on the rear panel from when I cut out the hole for the mute switch as well as a few small blemishes elsewhere but is otherwise in good condition. Also the IEC I used doesn’t fit perfectly in the case as I intentionally bought an IEC without a rocker switch for sonic reasons, this leaves a slight gap above and below the IEC. I have the gain setting resistor R41 removed at the moment which lowers the gain, thus making it a better match with my PS Audio Dac’s volume control. If you buy this amp and would like me to replace the SMD resistors to achieve the original gain do let me know and I can do this for you.

The amps were built with a Furutech IEC with no rocker switch. I have only a mute switch installed. I used Cardas XLR connectors and Eichmann Cable Pod binding posts. For the hook-up wire I have bypassed the stock binding posts on the amp modules and have Neotech UP-OCC wire soldered directly to the printed circuit board. I have also installed Hi-Fi Tuning fuses. The front panel LED’s are not connected. Power cord not included.

Price includes shipping and paypal fees for US buyers.

If you have any questions please ask!


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nile49 said: If you have any questions please ask!

What did you move to? ;)


Nothing yet! Eyeing up Luxman integrated amps at the moment though. :slight_smile: