SOLD: Legacy Audio Wavelet DAC / Preamp / Crossover Incl. Original Box. Optional: HDPLex LPS - Revelation

Up for sale is my Legacy Audio Wavelet. Was planning to buy Legacy speaker to pair this with but invested in a full home theater gear instead.

Nice… I was looking for one of these earlier this year, but I’ve since changed my approach to EQ through placement/treatments. Good luck with the sale!

@falling_leaves: Is this unit configured for specific Legacy speakers at this time or can it be used with any speaker system?

Thanks in advance.


It can be use with any speaker. There are two full range outputs, outputs 5/6, and 7/8. Outputs 1/2, and 3/4 are configured for Watkins bookshelf and SVS sub.

There are a couple options:

  1. you can use 1/2 and 3/4 for the bookshelf and sub combo

  2. Use 5/6 and 7/8 and use the sub cross-over with your speakers

  3. Use 5/6 or 7/8 to your full-range speakers if you don’t have sub

Hope that helps

Sort of…

Let me ask the question a bit differently based on your response:

Can I use 5/6_7/8 and “configure” these channels for use with my speakers and a sub such that I can benefit from/use the Wavelet’s room and speaker correction capabilities? Or, are those capabilities only available for use with 1/2_3/4, which are currently configured for the Watkins/SVS combo.?

Thanks again and GLWS, in any event.

Yes you can. And that’s the way I had it with my Cube speaker and Rel subs. 5/6 goes to the subs. 7/8 goes to the speakers. Cross over set at the sub, then run room correction. Room correction doesn’t care how you hook it up, it will do sweep to all outputs and apply the correction in one go.


Thanks, again!

I think it could be sent back to Legacy for a set-up for a specific speaker but I am not sure of the cost…just an option :)…

Yes, that’s an option. Thanks for bringing that up.

Bump for the weekend. Price is obo


Still available