SOLD - Matrix X S/PDIF 2 digital to digital converter - $295

Massively cleaned up USB and output I2S to DirectStream. I’ve moved on to a server with dedicated I2S output and no longer need this unit. All outputs are active simultaneously.

It’s in perfect condition, includes USB cable that ships with unit along with a 1’ HDMI cable. $295 including shipping and Paypal fees to CONUS.

I use a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 between my Melco NAS and my DirectStream Sr. The sound quality improvement going from the DS’s USB input to its I2S input is not subtle. Also, I just acquired an OPPO UDP-205, and I now run a coaxial digital cable from the Matrix to the OPPO, which is in addition to the I2S (hdmi) cable running from the Matrix to the DS. The OPPO sounds great taking the re-clocked digital signal from the Matrix.

If the Matrix can improve the sound of a Melco going into a DS, I imagine it could do wonders for a consumer-grade laptop or similar USB source.

In sum, two big thumbs up for the Matrix!

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