SOLD: MG Audio Design Planus AG2 interconnects (RCA)

SOLD: A pair of MG Audio Design Planus AG2 1 meter unbalanced (locking RCA) interconnects in excellent shape. These are the current top of the line model. Hearing is believing: these are among the best around. I just have an extra pair. They go for $1600 new (old price), selling for $750 shipped Priority Mail in the U.S. (ask for elsewhere), plus PayPal fee (or use family/friends). Check my feedback on Audiogon, US Audiomart, Audio Circle, Audio Asylum and Head-fi, and eBay (genegold99). PM to follow up.

Paul McGowan calls the MG Audio Design interconnects the best he’s ever heard.

Here is a bit from the latest review in StereoTimes: “I love to listen to music that is recorded in a live space rather than a studio, so I have a strong appreciation for cables that do not impart any artifacts onto the sound. Using the MG Audio cables, my system began to render music that was lifelike to a level I hadn’t experienced before. And that’s saying something, considering some of the fabulous cables that I’ve dealt with over the years, including my current references,… Anyway, look I love these cables. Their design is actually quite simple but very well executed and their quality of construction is superb.”