Sold: P20 Black with Warranty SOLD

Mint condition as new black P20 with warranty though June 2021. It sounds significantly better than the P10 it replaced & has significantly more capacity. Will include 20A Wattgate eVo RH xonnector. $6000 OBO.

Can deliver in New England or NYC areas. Please see BHK preamp & 300s ads as well.

Original owner, 10/10 as new condition, all original packaging, nortonkp on Audiogon for 20 years with perfect feedback. $5495 or best offer.

Not a dent & scratch item.

$5495 includes PayPal. Can ship in the lower 48 if you are not in the north east.


Ready to ship or pick up. As new condition with warranty. $5495 including PayPal.

Can you provide the unit’s serial number, please? I would like to contact PSA about it—just to confirm warranty termination

Thanks…I’ll be in touch with PSA and circle back to you.


Doug :e-mail:
973 845-6524 :telephone_receiver: (Office Direct Dial)
973 476-3065 :calling: (Mobile)

You are welcome Doug! Where are you in North Jersey? I am from Kinnelon.

That’s great; office in Florham Park and house in Warren (not County, township).

Btw, why are you selling? I have had a P10 for years and would consider this an upgrade, but I find the PSA power regenerator to be an important part of my system.


Indeed, had a P10 and then upgraded to the P20. Agreed they improve the noise floor substantially.

As for me, I retired and am going to get a more humble system for my new smaller house.

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Doug, I can deliver this P20 to New Jersey.

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Warranty until June 2021.

Hey Doug, this PS Audio screenshot should answer both your serial number question and warranty expiration inquiry.

I am happy to deliver the P20 if you want to proceed on a purchase. Please let me know either way. Thanks, Kevin


P20 Broken in and ready to ship or drop off.

No trades on this P20’s, thanks.