**SOLD** Photos: Sonic Frontiers Preamplifier Line3SE+


Thank you all for your interest in the SF Pre Line3SE+… Everybody just be patient and enjoy your New Year’s Eve!



We still need the comparison with your ARC preamp however. :slight_smile:

(A number of people PM’d me asking questions about the unit as I have had experience owning Sonic Frontiers. I can confirm there is a lot of interest - justifiably so.)


@elk Not ARC - Conrad Johnson


I think it will be a good fight - the ACT 2 is ten years old as well, although a good deal more expensive than the Line 3, IIRC.

Let us know.


@elk Mine is the Series 2.


I did not know there is a series 2. I remember the ACT 2 when it first came out in the early 2000’s.

I like the motorized step-attenuator - very cool.


@elk …Yup.


scheduled for Saturday 1/11.


And do you have the gloves and screwdriver, too?

I bet you do. :slight_smile:


You know, I don’t know.


It is simply an inexpensive screwdriver for taking the cover off to install the tubes.

The neat remote:


Forgot about that UFO remote. I always liked it.


What I got & What I don’t got (official packing list):

Sonic Frontiers Line 3 Packing list:

10 - 6922

2 - 6GH8A

Phillips Screwdriver*

Screws 36

Power Cord

Cotton Gloves*

Extra Fuses*

Line 3 Power Supply

Preamplifier Top Cover

Power Supply Top Cover

Remote Control

Warranty Card

Operating Manual

*missing items

Got the tube box with the pretty blue insert. You know what? I think the gloves & screwdriver may have been in there.

Got the remote - batteries have been never put inside

Question: What is the screwdriver for?

birddogthecat said: What is the screwdriver for?

Putting on and taking off the top.

The unit comes with just a few screws in to secure the top, and a pack of screws.



Elk said:
Putting on and taking off the top.

I’ll just use a hammer. Quality work only at the shop!



As my Ducati mechanic likes to say, “If you cannot fix it with a hammer, you have an electrical problem.”


Saw the Sonic Frontiers Pre Line 3SE+ today on a shelf at the back of the shop waiting its turn next Saturday. Should be a fun project!


@elk Hey Elk! Found the gloves & screwdriver. Photos of completed job Saturday afternoon.



Of course, these are critical.

Yet, it is kind of nice to have absolutely everything together as as set.

Don’t forget pics of the innards. I am curious to see how the mods look.


The remote is cool. And somebody copied someone in that it looks a lot like the d agastino preamp remote on his new one. The guy formally of KRELL. Not exact but cool too but I think highly impractical to use.