SOLD: PS Audio AC-12 power cords, 2 meters

SOLD: As mentioned in my Jan 11 post selling 1m cords, for sale now are 2 PS Audio PerfectWave AC-12 power cords, 2m each, in excellent used condition. These are the genuine articles, purchased privately with documentation on one and proper weight measurements on both (see links). $450 each or $860 for both + shipping in CONUS, + PP fees (or f/f). Send PM if interested (include zip code). See feedback Audiomart, Audiogon, Audio Asylum, Audio Shark, head-fi and eBay (genegold99)

Photos of the cords (genuine weigh ~3 lbs 5-8 oz)!AqsCKHVTj0ydpmRM75J0Yw8BkcM3?e=iT78vP

Photos of good and bad ones (counterfeit weigh ~2 lbs 8-12 oz and have different weave)!AqsCKHVTj0ydplNzthwPk91atzYu?e=cz39d3

Very interesting about the weight and the weave to determine the authenticity. I’ve wondered about that. I knew my AC-12s were authentic because they came directly from PSA.

1 gone, 1 left.