SOLD: PS Audio P5 Power Plant

SOLD: PS Audio P5 Power Plant (Regenerator) in perfect functional and excellent physical condition. Purchased new from a private party in June 2017 (he had purchased one too many), so it has over two years left on warranty. As the photo shows, the unit has sat on top of a PS Audio Power Base (not for sale). The P5 makes a big difference in sound quality in all respects (even more so when used with a good power cords). I’ve purchased a P10, which is why I’m selling the P5. Will come with remote, cord, manual and outer PS Audio box, and will be well packaged.

Asking $1675 FedEx shipping from 59715 included (CONUS) + PP fees (or use friends/family). See my feedback at Audiomart, Audio Asylum, Audio Circle, Audiogon, Head-Fi and eBay (genegold99). PM if interested.

Two notes:

  1. Will be available to ship starting 3/1
  2. The P5’s fuse is easily replaceable (rear) and I may have a Synergistic Research Blue fuse to fit (5A) at the time of shipping or shortly thereafter for $100 additional.

I will buy that unit, thanks.

Too bad it wasn’t silver, that was a good price!