SOLD: PS Audio S300 Power Amplifier Mint Condition Black color

Up for sale is my s300 power Ampifier in black. I am the original owner and it was purchased less than four months ago directly from PS Audio. It is perfect condition and plays flawlessly, I am selling it as I have upgraded to the M700’s. My asking price is $850.00. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. No PayPal fees, and I will ship via FedEx ground insured. The original box and packing material, manual and power cord are included.

That’s the best total price I’ve seen for a S300 :+1:

Quick question, does yours have the grounding post on the back. I noticed that the M700 has one now and didn’t used to have it. I would be interested if they have added this on.

Veneet, I actually have four S300 amplifiers, two have the the ground plugs and two don’t. I am selling two of the S300’s and keeping the other two. You can certainly have the one with grounding plug. I’am selling the two amps as I’ve upgraded to M700 and I recently have upgraded to the M1200’s. I’am using all the amps in a Dolby Atmos system. If your interested in one of the S300’s let me know.

I am interested, I am thinking of using them for rear surrounds in a fairly small room (11x14) thinking that they have plenty of oomph (oomff?) for that job? You changed to M700s any thoughts? I use an M700 for center already

Sorry, I keep editing, I guess at the end of the day would you recommend having a mix of m700 and s300? I am not a total stickler on matching amps for all channels.

They both have the same gain so it wouldn’t be a problem. The voicing may be slightly different though - I don’t know.

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Thanks, that does help. Regarding the voicing, I see your point, but for rears I have two smaller bookshelf speakers that have a similar voicing to my full range floor stand speakers but definitely different enough. I can argue with myself for days (and I have been) about what I should do. I have been changing stuff out a lot lately and to be honest i think I have just made a mess of the whole thing. At this point I have tubes on the main front right/left… what a mess! It did sound pretty good though.

Veneet, I originally had the M700’s for my front left, center and right channels. The S300’s were used for my surround and top fronts and rear heights. When Ps Audio announced the M1200’s I decided to order three of them for L/C/R and moved the M700’s to the l/r surrounds and single surround back channels. It’s hard to say that the m700’s sound that much better as the surround speakers, as they are small in size. As for the s300’s that always sounded great on the rears and height speakers. Hope this helps.

Let’s just get it done then. I’ll pm you

And thanks both @Jedi and @fishingdude

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I saw you have multiple S300 for sale, are any of those in silver color by any chance?

bwang29, thanks for the interest in the S300 amplifier. Unfortunately the color is black.

Wondering if you still have the amp for sale? Thanks, Ted

Ted, the amp is still for sale, if you have any questions please let me know.

Hi, just to clarify, you have a black stellar 300, works perfect, $850. I’d like to buy it if it is working perfectly and in good shape.

How can we handle the exchange?
Thanks, Ted

Ted, the Stellar 300 is black in color and in perfect condition, it looks brand new. I have owned it for about 4 months. You can send me your email address, my is I will send you a PayPal invoice and you can pay through that. When payment is made I will send the amplifier Via FedEx ground insured. Thanks in advance, Richard