(sold) PSE Studio IV power amplifier w/ OBM plus 2 new pairs of Edison-Price Music Posts & free shipping!

I am the second owner of this PSE Studio IV power amp. I’ve never had a minute’s trouble with it.

It has worked beautifully with a variety of preamps (from the Audio Research SP9 mkII to the Bottlehead Foreplay to the PS Audio PCA-2). Likewise with a variety of speakers (from Rogers LS3/5as to ProAc Response 2 to Buggtussel Amygdalas). Plenty of grunt, always, from the Studio IV.

This power amp is a worry-free winner; however, time has come to thin the herd.

Note that this edition of the Studio IV has an IEC connector, which allows you to use the power cord of your choice. (Earlier editions of the PSE Studio IV had a captive power cord.)

As a couple of photos show, the first owner had the stock plastic speaker/output connectors replaced with five-way, solid-copper connectors. Those are Edison-Price Music Posts, which got lots of love back when folks could still find ‘em. Today, E-P Music Posts seem to be unobtainium.

When the Studio IV was shipped to me, the clear polycarbonate housings on Edison-Price Music Posts got damaged.

That damage turned out to be only superficial. The E-P Music Posts worked fine for me, as-is, both with spades and with banana plugs.

Nonetheless, the seller (who was a danged nice guy!) went ahead and mailed me new replacements.

You will receive the amp as pictured – plus you’ll get the two new pairs of Edison-Price Music Posts, also as pictured.

Again, I used the amp, as you see it, with spades and with banana plugs. All worked great. Perhaps you will choose to sell the extra, brand-new pairs of E-P Music Posts? (I just never got around to it.)

I will ship to you promptly via Fedex Ground in the original box. (See photos.) The original box will be bubble-wrapped & double-boxed.

Also included is the original owner’s manual and factory test data.

Payment is by PayPal. Free shipping to you.

Sold only to a buyer in the continental U.S. (the “lower 48”).

$599. (I cover the PayPal fee. I pay for the shipping and insurance.)


More info on the PSE (Professional Systems Engineering) power amps from Bound for Sound, No. 5A, p. 8:

“All PSE amps look alike – the heatsink is on the front, and the on/off switch is on the back. . . . The PSEs are compact middleweights, measuring just 17 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall by 10 inches deep, while weighing in at 23 pounds each.”

“A red “power-is-on” LED is placed right in the midst of those front-mounted heatsinks, resulting in an interesting visual effect when viewed in the dark.”

“Inside, the layout was neat and component quality was very high, including a large toroidal transformer, WIMA caps, and AudioQuest Clear speaker cable connecting the output devices (on the front) to the five-way binding posts (on the rear). Attention to detail was evident throughout.”


From audiocircle: Edison-Price binding posts - hard to find as out of prod’n, they pop up once in a while. Solid copper through and through.


From eminent-tech.com: The Edison Price Music Post is a five way binding post designed for use as output/input connectors on amplifiers and loudspeakers. They are machined from tellurium copper bar stock. Pairs of Music Post are molded into a tough, clear polycarbonate housing designed for easy secure installation replacing standard double binding post.

Bare Wire - The Music Posts allow direct, secure connection with unterminated wire. The front portion has a deep machined slot, through which even heavy gauge stranded wire can be passed.

Banana Plugs - The front of the Music Post is drilled to accept a standard banana plug. When the knurled nut is tightened the front of the post compresses around the banana plug shaft. This tight collet action grips the plug securely.

Spade Lugs - The Music Posts provide excellent contact over a significantly large surface area with most spade lugs. Slipping the spade lug onto the Music Post and tightening with the knurled clamping nut results in a secure and positive connection betwee the post and lug.


Price drop before eBay:

$499. (Includes my covering PayPal fees and Fedex Ground shipping.)

Thanks for looking!