SOLD: Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Gold 2 meters (2 cords), 15A US/IEC

SOLD: Two Snake River Audio Cottonmouth Gold Power Cords, 15A US/IEC, 2 meters each, very good to excellent condition but no longer needed. Rarely seen on the used market (one 3m cord + my other two are it during the past 2.5 years). The Cottonmouth power cables are sold individually with unique serial numbers. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with this sale. (see picture: they are still hooked up, so I’ve used a stock photo and a picture of the certificates).

$1275 new. $430 each shipped USPS in CONUS + PayPal fees (or use the no-fee method). Also accept checks. See my feedback at Audiogon, Audiomart, Audio Circle, Audio Asylum and head-fi (highstream), and at eBay (genegold99).