SOLD: Snake River Audio Mamushi Signature (hybrid) RCA IC pair (1 meter)

SOLD: Snake River’s top of the line Mamushi Signature Series RCA interconnects - 1.0 meter pair - in excellent condition. Made with Snake River’s proprietary recipe of (.999 pure) 24k gold, (.999) pure silver, and certified oxygen-free, high-density and purity copper wire - all combined in their proprietary hybrid recipe. Read the reviews linked below. These are really excellent ICs, a great great sound for the price. Quiet, transparent, natural, wide soundstage, etc. Only selling because my speakers now take XLR.

Purchased in July 2015. $1795 new, $795 show demo. $400 for mine shipped in CONUS via USPS Priority + PayPal fees (also accept check). See my feedback under this moniker at Audiogon, Audio Circle, Audio Asylum and head-fi .

PM me if interested.

Reviews can be found at several sites, including Absolute Sound: “…such was the improvement wrought by the Mamushi Signature interconnect, I now preferred to listen via the AMS’ analogue output to the Classe’s DAC! The Mamushi Signature delivers greater tonal range and body, and increased naturalness. There’s an amazing ‘rightness’ about the sound. The musical presentation is solidly focused yet pure.”

Mamushi-Signature-Series-IC-1.0m-whole.JPG Mamushi-Signaure-Series-IC-label-2-1.0m.JPG