SOLD SOLD: Audience AU24-SX, Speaker Cables Price Reduced!


These are 10/10 Mint. 6ft/1.8m Bananas. These are amazing cables! Lots of great reviews, Google is your friend. List price is $3150.00 Selling for $1000. plus shipping. I have YEARS of 100% positive reviews on Audiogon user name Axeis1.

Erik i would like to purchase your speaker cables.


Great. How would you like to proceed, where are you located ?

Hi, guys

I suggest moving your discussion to PMs to avoid publicly posting private information.

Will do

I live in upstate NY about 5 miles north of saratoga. I will be using Pay Pal. I think you need my E-mail address which is The trouble is short for troubleshooter. I made a bad choice wayyyyyyyyy back.