SOLD: Sonore Microrendu and iFi Supply - Unopened

SOLD - Thanks

This device is designed to create a Roon-Ready bridge from your ethernet cable to a DAC.

It’s perfect if you have a non-Roon Ready DAC and want to use Roon with it.

Information can be found here:

I have another one of these that I use with a subsidiary system (a Hegel H300). It works perfectly with Roon.

You don’t need this if you have a DSJr or DSD with Bridge II, but otherwise this is a great solution to Roon. (There are many other uses but I am not familiar with them).

This is unopened in the box. I bought it for my son on Small Green Computer’s July 4 sale - retail is $690 and I bought it for $590. Turns out I don’t need it (my son has a different DAC that is already Roon Ready), so I’ll sell it here. I’l knock another $90 off, my firm price is $500. I’ll ship it at no cost in the US, international buyers PM me (I’d pass international shipping charges on to you.) . Paypal is OK with no upcharge.

If you are in the market for this, you won’t beat the price for a brand-new unit.

Let me know…if it doesn’t sell here I’ll sell it on Audiogon or the Roon site. I am within the return period but I thought I’d “pass it on” to another Roon user.